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Sales, Advertising, Program and Recording Policies, 

Coverage Map, and Ratings Information 



Effective January 1, 2023 thru December 31, 2023

All spots are Run of Schedule (ROS)

Fixed position spots unavailable

    :60 and :30 second spot ads, please call 405-740-7738 for rate information 

                 :30 Second Church/Ministry/Non-profit event announcement package                                       

Basic recording and production is provided at no charge.  

Production requiring more than 30 minutes will incur an hourly charge of $25.00 an hour.  




 Program Length:        1 Hour**        30 minutes**   15 minutes  

            Cost per program:       $110.00              $55.00        $400.00 per month 
                                                                                                         (Mon-Fri-flat rate only)

You may download a copy of our Advertising/Program Agreement by clicking here:  Agreement 

Programs provided by Church/Ministry are subject to certain broadcast standards and may be required to submit an audition program for station review.  Programs produced by client must be produced in CD Audio format. Cassette and DAT tapes no longer accepted. MP3 files under 16MB in size, may be sent to KTLV1220@aol.com


Advertising Agencies add their commission to above rates.

Unless approved in advance, payment must be received prior to broadcast.

*Production charges and/or certain restrictions may apply.

  ** 30 minute programs have a run time of 27 minutes
                 ** 1 Hour programs have a run time of 56 minutes                  

    Political Advertisements subject to specific FCC rules and requirements. 
  Political Ads subject to different rate and station approval.


  KTLV does not discriminate in the sale of advertising time and will accept no advertising that discriminates on the basis of race or ethnicity. Advertiser must certify that it is not buying broadcasting air time for a discriminatory purpose. 



Coverage Map for KTLV AM 1220




AM Radio stations are licensed and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission  to operate at specific power levels during the daylight hours and nighttime hours.  The power and signal strength is determined by the radio frequency and location of the station's tower(s). Daytime power is higher than nighttime power, therefore making reception easier and interference free.  Atmospheric conditions at night, on the AM band, can carry radio signals many hundreds, and sometimes, thousands of miles.  As a result, many AM stations, like KTLV, lower their operating power at night to prevent interference with other radio stations that broadcast on the same and adjacent frequencies (1210kHz and 1230kHz) in other cities, states and countries. Because the operating power is lowered after sunset, and before sunrise, the reception of the signal is limited to a certain geographical area and unavailable in others.


Streaming Audio is a means of using the Internet to receive audio through a computer.  KTLV uses a service called Warp Radio that provides KTLV's audio stream to your computer.  By clicking on the Streaming Audio link your computer will be directed to the Warp Radio site which connects to our over-the-air audio.  

A process called buffering may sometimes occur before you can hear the audio.  Depending on your modem speed, the signal might play continuously or start and stop.  We recommend a high speed connection for the best reception.  Slower dial-up services will start and stop. This is a result of your computers connection speed, not KTLV's audio stream.  The audio you hear will have a slight "flange" like sound to it. This is normal, as the audio being sent, is set to a low bandwidth so as to accommodate the variety of computer settings listeners have.  

After you have successfully logged on to listen, adjust the slide volume control beneath the player screen to a level that is satisfactory.  If you are having difficulty getting KTLV's audio signal on your computer, make sure your computer is correctly configured with all the audio and speakers enabled. 


Tune In Radio is one of many third-party services that provides audio streaming services to smart phones and tablets.  Download the appropriate Tune In Radio app (or other service) for your phone (iPhone or Android), go to the search box, and search for KTLV and save it to your profile. With this service you can listen on your phone at any time KTLV is on the air.


Ratings Information

         KTLV Radio DOES NOT subscribe to rating services such as Nielson ratings or other services that ascertain the demographic breakdown of our listening audience and audience size.  Because of this, we are unable to provide information regarding the number of listeners, or the ranking of  KTLV as compared to other radio stations.  This information can only be obtained by the customer from other sources. 



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